I’ve not heard about Universum Coins before. What kind of company are you?
We are a young, ambitious team of professionals with great numismatic experience, based in Europe. Our main activity is to conduct online and floor auctions. Here you can read more about us.


Coin sale

How can I sell my coins through your company?
We offer you both a sale through one of our auctions and the possibility of direct sales. If you are unsure which option is best for you, please contact us. We will advise you personally.


Can I send you photos of my coins via WhatsApp messenger for estimation? Do I have to pay a commission for such a review?
Yes, of course, you are welcome to send us your photos via WhatsApp. This service is absolutely free. Read more here.


If I want to sell the coins through your auction, what commission do I have to pay?
The standard commission for the consignor is 10% of the hammer price. Individual conditions are possible for particularly interesting and expensive objects and high-quality collections.


Why Is Selling Coins Through Your Auction the Right Decision?
With a large numismatic experience, highly qualified employees, a wide customer base all over the world and flexible conditions for consignors, we can sell your coin or collection at the best price! Contact us personally so that we can explain all the advantages of our auction house to you in detail.



Are you planning to send printed catalogues?
Yes, we plan to send out printed catalogs of our premium auctions. The auction catalog is also always available online.


When do you send the printed auction catalogue?
In general, catalogues are submitted globally at least four weeks prior to the auction date, so that all customers receive them with ample notice. However, delivery to certain countries may take slightly longer than others.



I would like to participate in your auction for the first time. What should I do?
In order to participate in our auctions, we ask you to register on our website. After the regestration has been confirmed our, you can participate in the auction and place your bids. You can also conveniently contact us directly.


Where can I find the auction terms and conditions?
You can find our auction terms and conditions here.


I’ve noticed two types of auctions on your page: premium and classic. Can you please explain the difference?
We have decided to separate our auctions into Premium and Classic categories. This is mainly due to the fact that there is a very strong price and quality differences of coins on the numismatic market. Therefore, for premium auctions, we will select the rarest coins and coins in high collectible condition. We also plan to produce printed catalogs for our premium auctions.


Does it mean, that buyer’s commission also different and depends on the category of the auction?
No, the buyer’s commission  is the same for all auctions and amounts to 23% of the hammer price including german VAT.


Do I have to pay additional taxes if I successfully participate in the auction?
We sell auctioned items with differentiated taxation according to §25a UstG. For the buyer this means that the VAT is already included in the premium. However, certain customs duties and taxes may be due upon import. Please refer to your country customs for further information.


Can I place my bids before the auction?
Yes, definitely. Before the auction, you can submit your bids on our auction platform auktionen.uni-coins.de, via other auction platforms NUMISBIDS, SIXBID. Or send us your bids in any way you’d like (e-mail, telephone, fax).


Are you planning floor auctions with an audience?
Yes, depending on various factors: the current epidemiological situation, the value of the collection offered, the quality and cost of the objects, we have all the resources to hold public auctions. We're hoping to welcome you to our first floor auction very soon.


Post-auction Procedures

When will I receive an invoice?
We will send you an invoice by e-mail or, if you wish, by post the next busines day after the end of the auction.


What payment forms are accepted?
We accept bank transfers, card payment or cash payment.


How quickly do you send the items bought at your auction? How much is the postage?
Items purchased at auction will be shipped the next business day after the auction ends. For our new customers, the parcel will be shipped after the invoice has been paid in full. You can find more information about shipping costs here.


I live outside the EU. Do I have to pay additional taxes or duties?
Certain customs duties and taxes may be due upon import. Please refer to your country customs for further information.


I live in Russia. Can the lots I buy be sent to Russia by post?
According to Russian customs regulations, the shiping of coins and medals via post is prohibited. You can pick up items from us and bring them to Russia yourself or hire a company specially licensed for the transport of cultural goods.


I believe one of the auction item is counterfeit. What should I proceed?
We act in accordance with the general numismatic associations. Complaints about the authenticity of purchased items must be submitted in writing. The basis for such claims should be the opinion of an independently certified expert. This must receive adequate evidence that the item is not genuine. An item declared not genuine can only be returned if it is in the same condition and appearance as on the day of the auction. We only compensate the buyer for the direct damage equal to the selling price of the lot, taking into account the commission, the cost of an appraisal and the postage. See AGB.


If you did not find an answer to your question here, simply contact us in any way.

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