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Having analyzed the development of the numismatic market over the last 20 years, we could conclude that priorities in the field of collecting have changed significantly. When determining the value of a coin, more and more attention is paid to the quality of the coin in addition to its rarity. It became clear that the principles for assessing the condition of coins and medals on a five-point scale, which are widespread in Europe and also in Germany, are no longer applicable and therefore very often do not meet modern requirements. For this reason, more and more collectors worldwide are starting to assess the condition of objects using a new method developed by Dr. Sheldon.


This system of assessing the condition of coins consists in distinguishing between a much larger number of grades: on a scale from 1 to 70 points, the condition of the coin is determined.

NGC and PCGS are the world's leading Sheldon certifiers for coins and medals with over 30 years of successful market experience. Our experts had completed training at NGC and have been working at Sheldon scale for some time. By providing comprehensive advice on the condition of your coins when they are consigned to our auctions, we can work with you to select the pieces from your collection for grading at NGC or PCGS. Our company can provide a free grading service for such high collectible items. The results of recent major auctions show that high-quality coins are in high demand on the market, fetching record prices.


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