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Our auction 6 is online!   Dear coin enthusiasts, we are happy to announce that our auction 6 will take place soon. There will be 303 lots offered from all over the world, including orders, grouplots and... More
Dear Coin Enthusiasts, after the very successful WMF in Berlin, we have planned our next event:   Sberatel The largest collector Home fair in Central and Eastern Europe on 9-10th September... More
We are pleased to inform you about the opening of a new company called Universum Coins. The main activity of the company will be conducting numismatic auctions. We are also happy to advise you on numismatic questions and... More
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Auktion 6, Lot 148
Auktion 6, Lot 151
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Auktion 6, Lot 147
Auktion 6, Lot 33
Auktion 6, Lot 166
Auktion 6, Lot 172
Auktion 6, Lot 218
Auktion 6, Lot 230
Auktion 6, Lot 209
Auktion 6, Lot 37
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